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Your bestestest friend ever and why (Real life or here or w/e)

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Your bestestest friend ever and why (Real life or here or w/e)

Post by Amy4Luis on Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:28 pm

Mine REDSOXROX mostly because ive told him everything and he understands and always gives me advise and makes me happy and always puts a smile on my face and he has got me through alot and still does i mean my friends are awful to me he would always make me feel alot better i never ever want to lose you your the greatestestest bestestestest friend ever ever ever greatestest bestestest friend ive ever had he means everything to me and i love him he always knows theres a way out of my troubles and always gets me through it and hes always been the one person i could always count on to be there and to support me and the one person who has never ever been mean to me or anything the one person who i love and who will always be my bestestestest friend forever =D i cant imagine my life without this guy hes truly the greatestest person ever nobody could replace him ever =D Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy He wil always always be my bestestest friend and hes so special to me anybody disses him i will set a bomb off on your head =D Very Happy Very Happy and i would always stay awake to talk to him and i wouldnt care if i was tired i still would also he acts like my real life bestestest friend hes much greater than them he doesnt go around sprading my secrets or making fun of me or anything like that if i tell him a secret he would never tel anyone and if he told me a secret id never tell anyone hes truly the one person i can count on to never ever leave me or be mean to me the one person i truly love =D =D Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Pika Pika without i could not go on hes more just a best friend hes one of the greatest and specialist unique bestest friends ever i know it sounds really crazy but RSR is like my best friend on acc like i dont ever see my best friend in real life so yeah RSR is like my best friend and he truly understands everything about me and i can tell him anything with knowing he wouldnt tell anyone in real life i cant have that and 1 thing about RSR he never ever said anything nasty behind my back like my real life friends i always find out i get told and nobody has ever told me anything about RSR saying anything which i knoe he wouldnt like my sports i can talk to rsr about because i cant talk to anyone else about them because they dont believe me they just get jelous or something and RSR would believe me and is always honest to me and stuff and honestly REDSOXROX means everything to me and hes so special to me

When i first met RSR i knew there was a bond when we were talking we spoke about alot of random stuff but i actually liked the random stuff becaue it always made me laugh and at that time all my friends were being such jerks except RSR i told him and he made me feel alot better and i told him that i was upset and he made me laugh and put a smile on my face and honestly cant believe how he done it and i was so sad about my friends making fun of me and bulling me and talking about me behind my back i just didnt care because when i was talking to him he made me feel alot better and i knew he was the bestestest friend ever the way we soke was s unbelievbly amazing and i mean so awesome RSR i told all my secrets to i ouldnt trust anyone in real life so i told RSR and he made me happy like he always does and i mean i cant wait for the day we meet up because your just so awesome amazing and everything on my birthday i was waiting for you to come online you came online it made me sooo happy and honestly i couldnt of been happier because you made my birthday really awesome because i only wanted to talk to you and i was like so happy when you came online i told you about all the stuff going on like my friends my family problems you tottaly understood and made me happy knowing that you were the only person that i could trust because as i see it and always do my friends luagh at everything so i didnt want to tell them anything whenever i had trouble with boys or anything i told you i couldnt tell my friends or if i needed advise i always came to you knowing that you would always be there and supporting me all the way and supporting my decions and over the summer we grew so close and it was amazing thats the only thing i loved about summer i became so close to you and your now my life my life revoles around you your a huge part of my life and always will be

Your the only friend i have right now the only friend i can count on the only friend i can tell everything to like if i need anything i can always turn to you knowing i have an answer and a guide and a laughter your the most amazing person i know Smile hes the only person i think about all the time even when ive been so stressed and upset out of my mind ive always thought of him because it just made me happier and alot better if im ever sad or anything i think of him and all the sadness will fade away hes one of the main reasons i still come on the internet the only reason why im back up on my feet he got me back up on my feet and just told me to always told me to ignore what they say because i know i should which right now they say alot of bad things and i think of you and i jsut ignore it even if its the worse thing in history i still cope with my life only because of you because if you wasnt here or i wasnt friends with you i would of just thrown my life away its hard to explain you because your the shinning star in my life which means your the person i basically life my life for because your the greatestest friend anybody could ask for and your the bestestestestest friend ive ever ever ever ever had and you always will be and i mean one day we willl meet up and it will be the best day of my life =D and i cant wait till it happens because it will happen and basically your the only bestest friend i want and your the only bestestest friend ive had you make me so happy and everything the thing about us we have never ever ever argued and we never will because theres nothing i would argue to you about because your always right =)

REDSOXROX......I dont know how nice caring kind you are and our bond gets stronger everyday and it always will and i mean your the nicest person ive ever met your so caring and really amazing and awesome and your so honest and never lie your just so amazing and i just cant believe your actually my bestest friend your mine because most people like everyone better than me and people dont like because im a tomboy and to them that aint normal but i dont get it but you have always said tomboys are better and i put that in mind when anyone ever made fun of me being a tomboy Your seriously so irreplaceble and you aways willl be i could never find anyone as nice as you and you have never changed you have always been your normal self you have never tried to change or to be a show off because your not and i couldnt imagine you if you changed because if someone changes everything about them changes thats why i would never change because you take me for who i am but my friends hate me because ima tomboy i dont get it thats why your such an a amazing friend because you have never dissed or hated me in anyway your the betsestestestestestestestestestestestestestestestest friiiend evvver ever ever on the whole universe i love you =D


Amy brogan London Olympics 2012 English amateur boxer
REDSOXROX-Your the bestestest friend ever You mean everything to me ill always be here for you

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